Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Scrapbooking- deputation- Blizzard Nemo

What an adventure it can be to live the nomad life and be in places you never expected to be , experiencing things you've never experienced! This past February was one of those times when we were in Boston during Blizzard Nemo!

 February found us traveling to
the NorthEast. We were nuts, and we knew it, but many churches said, come on up! So, when Blizzard Nemo was predicted, we hunkered down in a hotel for a couple of days and watched the skies dump over 24 inches of snow on us! After it quit Ben had to shovel out the van (snowdrifts 6ft. high and wide), and the children had to play in the snow even though it was freezing and windy. Nat even lost a boot in a snowdrift! A fun, but cold experience

Digital materials used:
Kit: "birds in snow" by Marisa Lerin at Pixel Scrapper
Template: from Sahlin studio

Should Christian Parents Require Obedience?

I just read an article here on the Desiring God website. It suggests something that I know with all my heart, but that is very hard to implement fully. The suggestion/request is this: that Christian parents should require obedience from their children. It's amazing how something so simple can be something extremely hard to follow through with. Please read the article on the website, which gives the great reasons why we SHOULD require obedience from our children.
It is something we always strive for... even though unperfectly... and especially unperfectly while we are on the road, in many churches and homes. Please pray that we will be consistent!

And, any comments on your opinion about the article?