Saturday, December 14, 2013

Scrapbooking- 30 Days of Thanksgiving

I really like doing a post per day on Facebook during the month of November detailing what I'm thankful for. So, when I saw this picture on pinterest: 
It gave me the idea to make one from my Facebook posts this year. So, here's my take on it....

Day 1: I am thankful for my eyes
Day 2: I'm thankful that during this crazy life we live right now I was able to take off for a short ladies' retreat with my favorite ladies from Cherry Street!
Day 3: I'm thankful for Gabe and Amy Metzger Fry : for the fun time we had last night together, and their willingness to take us to and from the airport this week! Love you guys!
Day 4: I am thankful for my God, who loves me when I don't deserve it (which is always), and gave Himself for me so that I will be with Him forever! 
Day 5: I am thankful for my daddy and mommy who were and are great examples to me of what a loving marriage, and Godly parents should be. I love you both! 
Day 6: I'm thankful I have the freedom to worship God and read His Word openly!
Day 7: I'm thankful for fellow missionaries! We had a great time encouraging each other this week during the communication workshop! And pretty much every other time we are with other missionaries it's a huge blessing also! I thank God for you all!
Day 8: I thank God for our supporters. God has blessed us with wonderful churches and individuals who are uplifting us in prayer, and I am so very thankful for all you do for us! We couldn't make it without you!
Day 9: I am thankful I am back home with kiddos. I missed them so very much!
Day 10: Today I'm thankful for my sweet oldest child, Natalie Anne! She is one of Gods huge blessings in my life and I'm so thankful for her intelligent, sweet, caring, funny little self. Nat, you brighten my days with your smiles, ideas and hugs!
Day 11: today I'm thankful for my bubby, Lucas. He lights up my life with his smiles, goofy laughter, funny sense of humor, his witty mind, and his sweet (when he wants to be!) heart. I love you, Lucas!
Day 12: today I'm thankful for my sweet Alenna Rachelle who turns 5 today! Happy birthday, sweetheart! You are such a blessing from God. I love your beautiful smile, your hugs, kisses, sweet singing, beautiful art work, and helping hands.
Day 13: today I'm thankful for my brothers and sisters! I love you all! 
Day 14: I saved being thankful for my hubby until his birthday! So, happy birthday, Ben! I'm so thankful to God for you! You're the second biggest blessing besides salvation. I love you! 
Day 15: today I'm thankful for a warm house. It's chilly out there! And I will definitely miss the central heat and air when we go to Argentina!
Day 16: I'm thankful for our mini home away from home- our van! It has been faithfully getting us from point A to points B, C, D and even all the way to X. I hope it continues through deputation!
Day 17 of thankfulness: I'm thankful for my brother and sister in laws! Especially for Katie Metzger and Horacio Brancatelli who have birthdays this month!
Day 18: today (as we travel once again) I am thankful for the small variety we have in fast food while on the road (believe me, it's a big deal). We ate hamburgers, chicken, soup and today tacos all from fast food this weekend. It's the small things, folks!
Day 19: Today I'm thankful for friends! We get to hang out with some this evening, and more later with week! Our friends are blessing no matter where we/they are!
Day 20: Today I'm thankful for our sending church! We get to go there on Wednesdays for the next month, and it's wonderful to take a "break" and be with people we've known for years. Sometimes we need that little break.
Day 21:Today i'm thankful for Thanksgiving Day which gives me the excuse to buy yummy food to make a yummy meal! I know, it's all about my stomach today!
Day 22: I'm thankful for my nieces and nephews. I have three of each (boys: Hunter, caiden, Maddox. Girls: Rosalia, Mikaela, Eliana!), which is cool! today is the birthday of my niece, Mikaela, in Argentina! Happy birthday, Mika! And I hope to have many more nieces and nephews in the future!
Day 23: I'm thankful for being able to laugh. We had a great time enjoying laughter on Saturday night and the Tim Hawkins show.
Day 24: I'm thankful we could be at our home church on Sunday morning with our church family. We miss them when we are gone!
Day 25: I'm thankful for my iPad that I won in a contest. It is a huge multi-tasker me and helps me with thank you notes, setting up times to stay and missions houses, entering email addresses, skyping with my family in Argentina, etc.
Day 26: I'm also thankful for my kindle app on my iPad. It saves me space with all my books and I LOVE to read, so it's awesome to have! Thank you, God, for technology 
Day 27: I'm thankful for being able to homeschool my kiddos. Some days it's pretty rough, but there's nothing like seeing your kids' eyes wide with wonder when they learn how to read, count to 100, or add, subtract, multiply, etc. and I know I helped them learn that! Whoo hoo! My just-turned-5-year-old is reading! 
Day 29: I'm thankful for games. I love playing them with family and friends and we had so much fun playing games this week! 
Day 30: I am thankful for our marriage. Today (dec 1st) is our 12 anniversary (of our first wedding, lol!) and I'm so grateful to be married to the love of my life!

Digital kit used: "thanks for giving" by Summer Driggs

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