Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2012- Deputation- Washington DC

I'm horrible at this scrapbooking and blogging thing. That makes me horrible at blogging about my scrapbooking! I just realized that the last post I wrote was in February! yikes! (not that anyone is reading this). So, I've only scrapbooked 3 pages in all this time.... and here's the first one! I'm now trying to, chronologically, scrapbook deputation and finish it by the time we leave for Argentina. We'll see if that happens!

Happy Birthday, Natalie Anne! 
To celebrate we drove and rode a train to Washington DC to site-see at the Smithsonians! Aunt Nora went with us to show us how to get there by train, and to see the art museums. First stop- the butterfly and sculpture garden next to the Museum of Natural History to eat lunch.

Our favorite museum is the Museum of Natural History. And what better way to discover it than to hide in a locker, right? Silly kids. Once we left the locker room we enjoyed seeing the animals on the different continents. The kids like taking silly-faced photos next to exhibits like the animals here. 
It makes for interesting photos!

A custom we started was taking a photo on Daddy’s shoulders in front of the massive whale in the oceans display. It started with Lucas, but now all three kids want to take a photo. What will we do when they outgrow his shoulders? A silly display hey had at the time was the “titanoboa”1 a huge snake which didn’t seem real! (on right)

We stopped in at the Museum of American History before we ran out of time. Of course Alenna was wiped out and Ben has to carry her. I took a photo of the Washington monument from far away and said, “so long ‘till next time!”

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