Thursday, April 18, 2013

Natalie's lists

Sometimes I like sharing little tid-bits that I love about my family members. I didn't realize how uniquely individual people were until I had my own kids, and I love their uniqueness! Natalie is our oldest child. She is almost 9 now and I'm loving all the conversations we can have now that she's getting "older".

One thing that is unique about Natalie is that she LOVES to make lists. Some of her lists have been:
 "favorite toys"
"favorite books"
"favorite movies"
"best friends"
"books read"
"things to do"
"birthday list"

But she cracked us all up when, from the back of the van, she piped up, "Want to hear my 'rules to follow'?"
When we replied, "sure" she gave us the following list of rules that made us literally LOL.

Natalie's "rules to follow"
1. Don't hit or kick
2. Pray to God everyday
3. Don't walk around naked
4. Love everybody

I love the mixture of serious, extremely well-thought-out rules and the one random silly one. Funny part is, she was probably just as serious about rule number 3 since we've been talking to her about modesty recently. I love her heart and her desire to do what's right, even when it sounds funny to us as parents.

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