Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scrapbooking- First stop on deputation!

This was, I think, my 3rd or 4th digital scrapbooking page. I look back on the first ones and groan, wishing I could go back and redo them all, but this one I actually like. It is VERY simple, but not as goofy as the next one... Niagara falls. yikes!  
We had a lot of fun traveling up to Vermont for our first church appointment. We stopped in Ohio to visit some dear friends of my family (and of mine too!), the Workmans, and then stayed in a missions apartment in Erie, PA. Lake Erie was beautiful! 

top: "We were very excited to spend a night with the 
Workmans on our first deputation trip up to Vermont 
Unfortunately Grandpa Workman wasn’t there, but we 
had dinner with Beth, Doug and Diana, and the kids 
loved Libby the dog. It was neat to have our kids meet 
this family that has meant so much to me over the years!"

bottom: "Our next stop was Erie, PA. We stayed at a missions apartment and had to 
explore the Lake Erie observation tower. It was very peaceful and beautiful. 
We all enjoyed taking pictures & chasing seagulls. Ben and the kids enjoyed
 scaring me by getting close to the observation deck’s railing. But we truly 
enjoyed seeing this beautiful lake before calling it a night on our second day."

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