Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scrapbooking- Beach Date- 2012

We were sooooo very thankful to Ben's Aunt Nora when she volunteered to watch the kiddos for us and shooed us out of the house for a date night. We were in Dover, DE while traveling on deputation last September, and hadn't had much "together" time for a while (or privacy for that matter), so we didn't argue at all! To the beach we went!

1. Have Aunt Nora watch the kids
2. Escape to the beach
3. play in the sand and surf- (ie. get tosssed by the waves)
4. miniature golf- I won!
5. eat fresh fish and shrimp “on the barbie”
6. Head back refreshed
7. Thank Aunt Nora profusely 

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