Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scrapbooking- Deputation- New York States Museum!

I usually make one scrapbook page for each city or state we're in, but since I wanted to make my last page of just the fun in the park I also made this scrapbook page for our time at the New York State Museum. Both were visited on the same day, so we had double the fun that day!

Upper journaling:
We didn’t know what to expect at the New York State Museum, but it was a wonderful surprise! The first surprise of all was the tribute to the World Trade Center. Ben and I were spechless, and tears came to our eyes as we explained to our children what happend that day. Then, we went on to the lighter things like Sesame Street, a replica of the Empire States Building, and a carousel on the top floor!

Lower journaling:
The story of a deer, a penny, and a pineapple: The deer in the middle square was in the “New York animals” section of the museum. It had a small pond around it, which was full of coins. I gave the girls, who were with me, a penny. Natalie wished that Lucas and Alenna would be saved, and Alenna wished for... a pineapple?!?!? That still cracks us up.

Digital kit used:
"Little Moments 2" by Melissa Bennett at

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