Friday, September 20, 2013

FYI- Scrapbooking- digital kits and templates

I am trying to make this digital scrapbooking a cheap thing, so I've downloaded most of my kits and digital items from freebie kits and freebie downloads. In the beginning I wasn't very organized, and separated the kits up into folders on my computer by papers (backgrounds) and accents (accents divided into "like" groups). Then I realized that it was taking me a LONG time to wade through each folder to find what I wanted for my pages, so I started saving any new kits as a kit.
The reason why I'm saying all this is: I'm going to be posting on each scrapbook page post where I found the kit that I used, and sometimes the template also. However, some of them I cannot remember where I got them since I, unfortunately, didn't keep the information on that in the beginning (I know! HUGE NO NO!) Since I am not doing this blog for any personal gain hopefully it will be ok that I don't have the "credits" for everything I use. But, what I do post "credits" for, other digital scrapbookers can hopefully find them, download them, and use them also!

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