Friday, May 24, 2013

Scrapbook- Deputation- 2012- Happy Birthday to me!

I had the bestest Birthday last year- Spent on the beach! We were so blessed to be at Harbor Baptist Church in Ormond Beach, FL with Pastor and Mrs. Todd. They were so gracious and loving to us, and made us feel so welcome! Bonus: their church and missions apartment is only 1 mile from Ormond Beach! So, the Monday after we presented in their church we spent my birthday relaxing on the beach. Fun!


We were at Harbor Baptist Church for my birthday this year, and stayed in their misions apartment for the week. The neat thing was, the day before, Sunday we presented at the church. They not only took us on but had a cake and gift card for me! And the next day we were able to go to Ormond Beach, drive out on the beach, and spend the day in the sand and surf. It was the perfect Birthday!

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