Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scrapbooking- Legoland- 2012

We try to do fun things with the kiddos while on deputation, since we're asking a lot of them by taking them all over the country, in different churches almost every service. So, when I found a "free child" coupon in their Lego magazine I got the idea to take them there when we were in Florida last October. So, with 2 coupons in hand we went! It was a real blast! The kids still talk about it, and it was pretty cheap with two of the kids being free!


Legoland was a blast! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it, and as a result, so did Ben and I! Legoland was a kid paradise, with rides just their size. We enjoyed roller coasters,
watching how legos are made, driving school, boating school, the miniature city (all made out of Legos), safari (with animals all made with Legos!) a Lego water-ski
show, and rides galore!
Lucas’ favorite: mini lego city.
Alenna’s favorite: dragon rollercoaster.
Natalie’s favorite: driving school, and
the flying rollercoaster
Rachelle’s favorite: the lego
animals in the safari ride
Ben’s favorite: miniature city

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