Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scrapbooking- Family- Tribute to Grandma Hanna

I have been blessed to have all 4 of my grandparents still living, and up until a year after Natalie was born, my in-law grandparents we are living too! Just in the past 7 years have we lost two wonderful grandparents: Grandpa Metzger, and Grandma Hanna. I made a scrapbook page tribute to Grandpa Metzger when I was doing traditional scrapbooking. Here, however, is my tribute to Grandma Hanna. What a wonderful, sweet, lady! Heaven is enjoying her!


Memories of Grandma Hanna as told by her daughter, Rena: “ She played piano by ear, but couldn’t read music. When I began to take piano lessons, so did she!... She was quite the athlete- playing basketball, women’s boxing, and hitting homeruns in softball... We regularly saw her praying in the morning on her knees... When talking to her and Dad about problems she would listen and then stop and say, ‘Let’s pray right now about it.’...  I miss that more than anything... 

She stayed with me for 2-3 weeks after the birth of every child... even very ill, she had herself driven 2 days across country to see her 1st and 2nd great-grandchildren shortly after their birth... Never forgot a birthday or anniversary until the last 10 years of her life... She was the leftover queen! No waste ever.... Mom wanted us to love Christ as she did. We always had  Bible studies and/or Bible clubs in our home... mom led by example in every single area of her life- a transparent, genuine follower of Jesus Christ.”

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